Why I Learned Nothing From The Man I Once Considered Dad

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Everything happens for a reason, and even through all the bad, something good will eventually come. Considering that, a lot has happened regarding my father and me in the short seventeen years of my life. It has made a huge impact on me. Most people will tell stories of many life-long lessons their fathers have taught them, but for me it is different. I cannot say I have learned nothing from the man I once considered Dad. He did show me that you cannot feel obligated to give everyone a thousand chances to fix their mistakes. It has been quite some time since my childhood days spent with him. I find it interesting that we see a tremendous number of bad things taking place during our young and oblivious years, but it takes time for us to…show more content…
Packing up the last items in the house, I anticipated his arrival, but he never showed. The last thing I did in my grandma’s house was beg her to wait just a little bit longer. With disappointment, she said no, and it added to my sadness I already felt. It was the first influential transition I went through, and it forced my head into an emotional mess. As the years went by, communication became less and less, so it came to my surprise when we started to feel close again. I felt almost at home when talking to him, I was foolish and started thinking we could be normal again. The new relationship we began was only temporary after a single argument. It was a night filled with silent cries while phrases like how disappointing and worthless I was being thrown at me. It was devastating and I felt disgusted, plenty more was said, but it is probably best to not resurface the cruel words spoken. The one thing I do remember is clenching the phone so tightly and biting my lip in hopes that I did not enrage myself and tell him how badly he failed at being a father. A burning feeling formed from the black liquid that ran down my eyelashes causing me to look as terrible as I felt. For a few days, I truly hated myself and I hated him for making me feel this way. It is difficult to explain, it was as if I was drowning in a sea of self-loathing and resentment. It is quite intriguing how a single event can
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