Why I Learned Technical Management

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Statement of Purpose
Information is important. It is essential. Club it with technology and it becomes vital. Now, add management to the mix and we have a modern, futuristic way of life. Technology and management, both have been around for years now, but individually. While they are solid on their own, when we bring them together we have a true game changer. My enthusiasm for information technology developed around the time I started studying engineering. My fundamentals were rock solid. And I thought I had found my future, my career, until management arrived. And I became extremely passionate about studying the various managerial aspects of technology along with technical aspects of management. Having a sound base in software
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Theoretically and practically, I had my basics clear. I aced my Bachelor of Engineering in Information technology with a First Class.
My curiosity landed me with an opportunity to complete my Masters in Management Information Systems (MIS) from one of the most reputed universities of Europe, University of Surrey. It is here where I studied important subjects like Business Process Management, Strategy, Information Systems Development and Accounting. These courses have formed a formidable base for my current work experience. To further enhance my knowledge about Information Technology, I completed a certification in Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).
My first project was based on Identification and Extraction of Key frames using Digital Signal Processing. I conducted this project in my final year of engineering which involved advanced MATLAB programming on various types of video files.
My Master’s thesis and research was based on IT SME’s in India. It involved the study and investigation of success factors that an Indian IT SME uses to sustain its business successfully in a highly competitive market in India. This research involved my knowledge about Business Process Management, Strategic Information Development along with few other subjects in my MS. The research involved both qualitative and quantitative
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