Why I Love Basketball Research Paper

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I would take a journey to NBA2K16, because I love basketball. I think it would be an amazing journey to take. It’s like I’m playing in the pros for real and making lots of money. Also, I get to ball with some of the greatest superstars in the world, Such as LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Stephen Curry. It has also been one of my dreams to hang out with professional basketball player. I just think hanging out with professional basketball players would be so much fun and a great experience to have. So I will take that opportunity to make my dreams come true one this journey. This journey will affect me in a great way because they can help me get better in basketball. Also they will teach me a lot of amazing techniques to improve my game. Then …show more content…

It’s like no matter how hard it gets I will always have a lot of motivation to keep striving for the best on the court. This shows how much I would do to stay apart of this fantastic game that I admire so much. I would literally work my heart out to achieve my life goals. I can’t see myself living without basketball. This is my passion and my biggest thing to not live without. I feel that if this sport didn’t exist I don’t know where my journey would be at this moment. I get to go to the playoffs and have the feeling of playing in the play offs. My goal is for me and my team the Cleveland Cavaliers to go to the championship and win. Then this will be my first championship ring if this team and I can take it all the way. We as a team can be unstoppable and have the skills to become the NBA 2016 champions. If we get that chance this year to become champions, then I believe we are the best team in the NBA. It’s just shocking to me that I got drafted by my favorite team and have the desirable chance playing with my idol LeBron James. My journey has been fun and amazing. For the record we won the 2016 championship against OKC Thunder. Also I came out on top because I got MVP Trophy and I had 32 points, 12 assist, and 11 steals. This championship game was the most exciting game this season. I am very happy for playing with such a great group of guys and I will be excited to play with

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