Why I Love Being A College Student Essay

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Hastily, ripping off the heavy-duty packing tape from the small shoe size box left on her apartment steps, Hallie Larkowski had a gleam of surprise and excitement in her at the unexpected package. The season’s first appearance of pumpkin spice Oreos, the gold mind of chewy granola bars, the perfect duo of pretzels and peanut butter, a tube of fresh mascara, and of course a plethora gum took over Larkowski’s counter as she revealed the boxes contents. “God. I love being a college student,” said Larkwoski. “Nicely done mom, she really got a lot in there!” As the box reached empty, nestled behind the family size bag of assorted Halloween candy laid the 3-inch thick Catholic Youth Bible, with note that read: I found this in your room the other day. I thought you may have more use for it at school then in you room at home. Also, here are all of your favorite goodies for the beginning of fall! Love you baby girl! Xoxo Mom Slowly thumbing through the delicate almost transparent pages of her Catholic Youth Bible, Larkowski, furrowed her brow, shook her head and smiled to herself as she read. “I haven’t been to church since my confirmation,” laughed Larkowski. “It’s senior year of college. I don’t even think I could say I’m a practicing Catholic. It feels like a sin to be holding this.” Today, in the United States more young Americans are no longer identifying as religious or attend regular services than previous generations. Many Millennials have disaffiliated with religions.

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