Why I Love the Dentistry Profession

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Answer- Like in many parts of the developing world, where I come from, oral hygiene is often an afterthought. While this is now slowly changing, I saw dentistry as a way to improve quality of life through patient education. First off, i think that most of us have had a personal experience that really gave us a desire to pursue dentistry. This is something that can't be fabricated and has to come from within. For me it was my personal experience with my own dentist while I was undergoing a dental procedure. Also who doesn’t like giving their patients a reason to smile again and maintain lifelong relationships with them? Through the medium of dentistry I have a desire to control my working life by setting my own hours, in order to maintain a balance between my career and my personal life. Dentistry also gives me the opportunity to avoid dealing with stressful life/death decisions .For me, dentistry is a very dynamic and rewarding profession.
- My experience in Dentistry has been wonderful in the past 6 years. The whole journey from carving the anatomy of teeth on wax to performing complex dental procedures was spectacular. My desire to retrace my steps into dentistry has grown as I took it as a challenge. I have taken great care to continue my education by participating with professional healthcare providers in the field. I have evolved as an outspoken clinician by interacting with people belonging to different economics groups, races, and languages. Therefore dentistry has
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