Why I Married My Soul Mate

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When I married my soul mate, I brought three children into our marriage. This made my husband an instant step-father, not an easy move for a man in his early thirties who had envisioned himself single, possibly for the rest of his life. My first two marriages had left a mark on my children and while they didn 't complain, they naturally wondered if my third marriage would last. While my husband didn 't bring children to our marriage, he brought his brother along to live with us, sprinkling an added layer of interest to our family. Thankfully, my two oldest children cautiously opened their arms and welcomed the family change. And while my new husband did his best to connect with all my children, it was my youngest child, Paul, who wholeheartedly embraced my husband with every inch of his soul. Like a tightly wrapped apple blossom awaiting the warmth of spring, my child burst forth and blossomed under this new-found fatherly love and care. The bond they had was spontaneous, natural, beautiful, and immediate as if they 'd always been father and son. For the first time in Paul 's life he had a father who took an interest in him, encouraging his talents and creativity while displaying exceptional patience with him. Yet, Paul 's other fathers overshadowed his bliss. It 's a confusing mess, but my two oldest children shared the same biological father. When Paul was born, their dad--my first husband-- placed his name on the birth certificate as
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