Why I Need A Moral Citizen

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I currently live in a neighborhood that is under an HOA. Under the HOA there is a group of elected officials that control the homeowners and make sure they obey the rules. My parents have had discussions on mail received notifying the neighborhood of current warnings and fines that have been issued. Listening, I have learned that something as simple as mowing your yard or parking your vehicle a certain way can be a violation. Our previous neighborhood did not have an HOA and I now realize the difference in how people took care of their property unregulated vs. regulated. So, I have learned how much of a difference can be made by people who want to take care of where they live. A moral citizen is one who’s intentions and duties is to benefit others. Much like a democratic society my neighborhood has a group of moral citizens who make a difference. Remember, a democracy means the nation is run by the people for the people. An engaged moral citizen is someone who has voting responsibilities, community duties, and obtains an education. For instance, voting is what our nation counts on for the future, it’s the utmost important duty a citizen has. When you vote, you have a voice of the people or effects chosen for the nation, county, or city you reside in. Voting is not required yet it is highly encouraged among the citizens. For government to be formed and succeed, they must have the backing of the people. If citizens choose not to vote, they give up the right to have a voice
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