Why I Should Attend A State School

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White Waves Where I am from in Pennsylvania is beautiful. There are endless green pastures. There are dirt roads, secretive and rocky, that lead to hidden watering holes with old rickety bridges connecting the land. The river water under the bridges is cool, clean and refreshing. It feels like it runs just for you. There are famous calico leaves that hang loosely from every tree branch in the fall that bring photographers from far away places. Later, the leaves fall in delicate, colorful piles. As children we 'd rake them into bigger piles and flop our little bodies on top. When I decided to attend a state school in Massachusetts, people often asked me why since I could have received the same education from my beautiful home state but with a much cheaper college tuition. I didn’t know why I was leaving at the time or why I wanted to, but seven years later I may have found an answer. Perhaps it was God’s steady hand pushing me out so I could see the things I might have ignored. This beautiful place, like so many others, withholds a certain truth from its people. It blankets us in white so we can’t see anything else. * We were all white in Susquehanna County with the exception of a few kids. There was Jesse. She was adopted and I never saw her with the white siblings everyone knew she had. Jesse always seemed happy though—alone—walking through the hallways with her dark curly hair resting higher than our flat, boring styles. She had this high-pitched, distinguished
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