Why I Should Be A Nurse

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Why I Want To Be a Nurse When I first started this type of career I wouldn’t have been able to give you an answer of why I wanted to be a nurse. I was 15 when I worked for a research institute. I set up cadavers, parts of the body or wholes ones, for doctors to practice new surgeries with microscopes. Then afterwards I would have to clean up the tattered tissue and bone from the limbs that were left. Dumped buckets of “juices” which was water filtered through the arteries that would mix with fat. Even though I can stomach the smell of burnt flesh, body fluids, and the open wounds that come with the job. I didn’t care for people in general. I don’t care for drug seekers, complainers, confused people, let alone repeating myself multiple times. When I finished high school I was a young mother and I had to learn patience very fast. In a way I grew out of my childish ways and became an adult very fast. I had to learn tolerance, nurturing, and patience. I embraced this. My son had many surgeries for his respiratory issues. Even though it was a difficult journey. I wouldn’t change being a young mother for the world. During this time a friend of mine suggested I should go and become C.N.A. certified. I figured this would be a good idea to understand more about my son issues. When I started my C.N.A class I noticed the terrible care they were receiving from the staff. Their skin looked terrible. Just the smell just walking into the nursing home was gut wrenching, and the staff had a
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