Why I Should Be A Private Healthcare System

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For many years Germany has had one of the best in healthcare System in Europe. Its reputation is also one of the best among the world. There is an extensive network of Hospitals and doctors covering even the most remote area of Germany. It is very rear to find any type of wetting list for any type of treatment. Medical facilities are equipped with the latest technology and medicine research and development team of scientist. Currently, in Germany there is a great healthcare insurance system that cover approximately 90% of the Population with their statutory insurance system. Here in the U.S, we have what I would consider to be a private healthcare system. Every citizen is able to purchase their own private insurance. Either you can afford it or you can’t, and most cases the affordability outweighs need to have it. Germany has a population of About 82.5 million people it is considered to be a very advance country and one of the top 10 country to live in in Europe according to (Forbes magazine). According to CIA’s World Fact book, Germany by far One of the most famous and visited countries in Europe. This paper will be focusing on the following areas, population and health status, availability of health services, expenditures on the healthcare system. It will show what type of impact these topics can have on the healthcare system and how certain services are offered to different segments of the population. Population and Health Status CIA’s World fact book states,
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