Why I Should Become A Nurse

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"The two most important days in your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out why." -Mark Twain. That has been a favorite quote of mine for as long as I can recollect. Some people spend their entire lives never knowing what it feels like to be able to earn a living while at the same time fulfilling their passion or dreams. However i would be lying if i was to say that i don 't understand why. I am thirty one years of age, and deciding to make a career change and leave the job that provides a security blanket, to pursue the job that provides me with a purpose is exhilarating but nonetheless terrifying. When asked the question "Why do you want to become a nurse?" I could answer the same way that everyone else does by saying what it is I anticipate you want to hear or i can answer with my heart, I choose the latter. While a sizably voluminous part of my zealousness for nursing is centered on helping people, it goes much deeper than that for me. I have always believed that i should pursue a career that i would be proud of. That if a stranger was to ask me what i do for a living, I can answer them with a sense of pride, confidence and self admiration. Nursing would give me that. The path that has lead me up to this point in my life hasn 't always been the the most rewarding but i did what many of us do, settled. Just letting the years pass by, and getting no closer to reaching my goal. For most of my adult life i have been in the restaurant industry working as a
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