Why I Should Do Or Should I Not

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Two things kept going back and forth in my head, should I do or should I not. As walked to my car from work, I kept starring at my phone thinking an answer would appear on the screen. Then I sat in my car contemplating for another fifth teen minutes, which felt extremely short knowing that I needed more time. Out of the blue I heard a voice in my head saying. “Do you really want mom to kill you?” Sadly, due to my non-conformist personality and being the strong minded one of the family, I stumble upon this question quite often. Just like all the other times, I went with my impulse and decided to go for it. On my way there, I was wondering how on earth will I be able to pull this off without my mother’s permission and maybe that was why a thirty-minute car ride somehow felt like five.
Finally, I pulled my car into a gravel path and hoped for the best as I walked into the building nervously. But as I walked closer to the front desk, I felt a sense of ease and I remembered my whole purpose of being there. Then receptionist asked me, “Can I help you?” and in returned I said “I am here for Pup Pup.” As I following the nice lady to the back, there was huge difference from the waiting room to where placed the rest of them. The moment I stepped foot behind there, this disgusting odor instantly hit me and all I heard was something screeching against the medal fences. Not the mention the atmosphere was awfully unsettling and I couldn’t bare to think how these animals live in this…

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