Why I Should Never Let A Simple Fear Cripple Action Towards Significant Victory

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As I began to view the looming waters beneath my feet, I felt a sudden rush of fears and excitement. the foreign experience of swimming was finally being confronted. I didn’t know whether to proceed and risk drowning, sinking, every other exaggerated option which was capturing my mind at the moment. I decided to go forth and run past the ceramic tile edge into the water, a splash radiated throughout the pool, and I found myself attempting to float in the depths of the swimming pool. I synchronized my feet in a kicking motion along with both of my arms, and surprisingly I managed to defy my fear. My dad instructed me to follow his swimming motions. There was I ,a 9 year old who was absolutely terrified by a simple thing such as water but the more time I spent in the water the more relieved I felt . I learned that one should never let a simple fear cripple action towards significant victory. After establishing my balance in the swimming pool, I began to ease into the water and attempt swimming. For the very first 30 minutes I was making a gradual process and at my own pace it was even more settling, at least the phobia was now out of the way and I reached a comfortable pace. I began to swim in a relaxed pattern and suddenly the fear was gone. I stayed at the 4 foot depth and practiced my swimming skills in that space. Now that I’ve defeated the obstacle of water and the many absurd imaginations that they conjured, I dared to go further. At a safe depth playing at the

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