Why I Should Not Be Taught

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Going into Psychology I was not sure what would be involved. I thought that this class would be very hard and that I would not be able to do. Starting on the first day we learned that we would be the teachers, we were involved in teaching the information to our fellow students. We were responsible for learning the material in our chapter, put together a presentation, and cover the entire chapter to the class. This helped me learn the material better than if a teacher was just lecturing the class on it because we, the students, were able to pick what in the chapter we would actually be interested in learning about. Each class we have a presentation where a different group of students presents the chapter. This keeps the class fun and relevant because we are not listening to the same people talk over and over again week after week. As of today we have had seven chapters presented. Those chapters are three, five, seven, eight, nine, eleven, and fourteen. Each of those chapters we have covered a lot of material within a those few weeks. In chapter three we learned about Piaget’s Theory, Vygotsky’s Theory, Erikson’s Theory, and parenting styles. Piaget’s Theory is the ideal way to guide intellectual development is to provide experiences that are only slightly novel, unusual, or challenging. Vygotsky’s Theory states that understanding that people have mental states, such as thoughts, beliefs, and intentions, that other people can have a different mental state than you do.
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