Why I Should Not Get Better Grades

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I have a grown up surrounded by the bookkeeping, accounting, and tax preparation professions, as my father has held his CPA for nearly 40 years and my parents operate two successful income tax preparation offices. While in college, I eventually chose to complete a degree in finance, wanting to branch away from accounting while still being able to take advantage of the knowledge gained from my upbringing. However, after having experienced multiple professions, my current employment as a contractor in Chesapeake Energy’s accounting department has inspired me to pursue furthering my education. As you’ll see in from my transcripts, my undergraduate grades were not consistently stellar with my average GPA being under a 3.0. While I did support myself through college with full-time employment, I do believe that I should have been able to earn better grades more consistently while completing my undergraduate degree. My impression of that time in my life was that I lacked the ability to manage my time and I wasn’t able to focus on multiple goals. After starting a career in real estate, I began to regret the lack of focus that I had while completing my degree. I wanted to prove to myself that I could manage my time wisely and do well in my career while furthering my education so, nearly two years after completing my bachelor’s degree; I enrolled into an online master’s in finance degree with Kaplan University. While working 45-50 hours a week as a mortgage underwriter, I
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