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Who I Will Be
Walk down any road in Cologne, Germany and you’ll see the scars that war has left, streaked across the cobblestone. Take a glance in any house and you’ll find a family devastated by the war that promised salvation to it’s citizens. This is how we live, in the military heart and pride of Nazi Germany, a place that was intended to revolutionize the future of our country.
My father always tells me that in this revolutionary era, every man must stand and fight for something. I want to stand for something, I really do. I want to be part of the purification and salvation of the world. It seems like I’ve been designed by my society to stand for this cause and I’ve been bred to be willing to die for it.
All of these thoughts
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I know that we will be studying it at Hitler Youth, as we have been every day for the past few weeks. It suddenly strikes me as funny that the school has so little government funding that it’s students literally starve in the classroom but there’s an abundance of our führer’s beloved book to go around.
Smirking at my depressing inside joke while I exit the school house is probably a mistake because I’ve caught the attention of this horrible kid, Henry, who sits two rows in front of me in class. The thing about Henry is that he is a really advanced student and the teachers are always giving him praise for his devotion to the Nazi Party. Despite that, he’s a horrible kid with a horrible attitude.
“What’s funny, Otto?” Henry says, sauntering towards me like he enjoys the fact that nothing good can come from this confrontation.
“It’s none of your business. Let’s not start this now, okay,” I say, glancing at the crowd of skinny German teenagers who are already gathering to watch Henry pick on me. Last time he confronted me like this, the teachers had to pull us apart, to keep us from breaking eachother’s noses.
“I’m not starting anything,” Henry sneers. “Just some friendly conversation.” He’s never needed a reason to start a fight. Besides, he’s always had it out for me because of my eyes. You see, he’s got these nice, safe, german blue eyes and he has little tolerance for people who don’t. I’ve got
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