Why I Should Study Abroad

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I want to study abroad because I want to learn and explore in a different country. I realized that I wanted to study abroad around the time that I started high school and I thought this might be the only chance I may get to travel outside of the country. I hope to gain more insight from this amazing opportunity and taking classes would help me in my academics and eventually professional goals. Studying abroad would be a stepping stone for me because while I would be taking classes that would help in my advancement in my field of study. I would also be in a country I could learn more information about whether it be the history, the food, or exploring the beautiful places nearby.

When I started at Lesley University last fall I became really interested in finding out about the studying abroad program. Before I officially decided where I wanted to study abroad my heart was set on going to England, but after I did some research I became fascinated with the summer program for Florence, Italy. The program that I will be studying through would be Lorenzo Me 'dici: The Italian Institute they have a few different summer programs and the one that stood out the most to me was the summer program 1. They had the classes that I would love to partake in and they have a few excursions that are included such as Rome and Venice.

I was going to choose England or Ireland, but when I went to meet with the study abroad advisor I realized that I was open to other options. When she
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