Why I Started The English Composition

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When I started the English Composition course I expected an entirely different type of writing. I expected more of a story telling writing, novelist, story and screenplay writing. To my surprise, it was a different world of grammar, style, voice, sentence mechanics and structure guidelines. I was afraid of something new and challenging. I expected more of a three act structure to write a novel or a short story but the course was different. Different in a helpful way that it opened my eyes to how the overall writing process works. English Composition meet my expectations by allowing me to look deeper into how things work and why they work. This was an intriguing question of mine that I would ask myself over years. How to write effectively and passionately to convey my message. My love of old musicals, dramas, horror and action films inspire me to write. I often wondered how these writers wrote such an awesome stories and beautiful dialogue. English Composition gave me clarity on the working mechanics to compose great drafts in all sorts of topics. The in-depth coursework structure explained how to create and compose a powerful message, write it, revise it and edit it for clarity. When I first started I felt very confident in my writing and have written many different stories I felt assured of myself. I’ve read many books on writing and wrote a manuscript for a novel I plan to publish someday. Now that I have taken the English Composition course I see a…

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