Essay on Why I Support Banning Smoking in Public Places

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Some businesses prefer that no one smoke cigarettes in any of their offices. Most governments have banned smoking in all public places. Based on personal experience, personality style and emotional concern, we find that some hold the notion that smoking in public places should be banned. Meanwhile, others want to be as free as possible and do as they please, as long as their actions do not violate the rights of others. From my point of view, it is more sensible to ban smoking in public places rather than allow second-hand smoke to continue to harm people nearby, who breathe in the smoke. The main reason for my partiality to banning smoking in public places is that second-hand smoke can cause disease as well as death in adults and children…show more content…
Banning smoking in public places is debatably unfair to smokers. This takes away from their freedom, however, not banning it is unfair to those that do not smoke, and puts their health in danger. Smoking makes it unsafe for them to go to public places. For example, in restaurants and other public areas the smoke does not remain solely in the smoking section. Having a smoking section and a nonsmoking section in a building is better than mixing everyone together. However, if we drop dye into water, doesn't it spread? Smoke has the same effect and anyone who has ever paid attention to it will notice that fact. Smoke spreads from the smoking section all through the building in the air, therefore, spreading the dangers with it. For this reason, smoking should not be allowed in public places. The argument I support in the first paragraph is also in a position of benefit because the Surgeon General's Report concluded, “scientific evidence indicates that there is no risk-free level of exposure to secondhand smoke. Short exposures to secondhand smoke can cause blood platelets to become stickier, damage the lining of blood vessels, decrease coronary flow velocity reserves, and reduce heart rate variability, potentially increasing the risk of heart attack”( Although I agree that there may be some reward to smoking in public places, and that second-hand smoke is not
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