Why I Thought Plagarism Was Wrong

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A week ago, I was assigned to write a persuasive essay on plagarism. On whether I thought plagarism was wrong. I had to use two sources that the insstructor had provided plus other ones I wanted regarding that topic and my perspective of why I thought it was wrong. The essay did not have to be extremely long. I started by looking on Google Advance Search for things that were related to plagarism and the different type they were. Looking at all the different types, I decided to simply write about academic plagarism and work related plagarism. Now, that I knew what I wa going to write about I decided to start looking up things that were regarding it. I started looking for the consequences of plagarising and the common types of plagarism there is. Beginning the essay seemed quite easy. I starte writign it an providign information and facts about plagarism. I finished writing my essay and felt extremely happy. I decided to show it to my instructor to receive feedback and make sure I was doing it correct. I felt extremely nervous as my instructor was reading my rough draft. I started getting more nervous and more worried I had done it wrong. My instructor said, “ It was good but needed tweaking, and that it seemed more informative then actually a persuassive essay.” Although, I felt concerned that it was not exactly a persuasive essay her feedback really helped me comprehend what I needed to do as well as what I could change it to make it more of a persuasive essay.

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