Why I Ukrainian Art As A Multicultural Society

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She interviewed 28 respondents during 1.5-2 hours with each person and documented in total 411 Ukrainian items. For her data analysis she used model developed by (35) LeCompte and Schensul, who voted for categorizing objects according to three levels: item, pattern and structural levels. She categorized art objects according to their types, geographical origin, functions, means of acquisition, and meanings. In the result of her study Anna received big amount of quantitative data that she placed in tables in accordance with her analysis criteria. Her findings are based on empirical data that she collected. During her research Anna developed new approaches into studying art, introduced new classification of art that was more relevant to the study objectives. She obtained conclusions about what is regarded to be Ukrainian art as connected to maintenance of ethnic identity in a multicultural society. Anat Hecht, on the other side, is an outsider to the British culture. She is from Israel and works at the International Institute of Holocaust Research, University of Haifa, Israel at the moment. Her primarily interest is in museum studies and consumption. In her dissertation she provides detailed description of the methodology and the rationale used in her study as compared to Anna Kuranicheva’s work. Anat Hecht used in her analysis the synthesis approach, where she combined and developed further the theories described in her literature review, for example, such as
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