Why I Use Open Ended Questions

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Attending: I used open ended questions by asking what the problem is that she wanted to discuss. I asked, “What kind of issues is Rufus having?” within in the first eleven seconds. I also asked if there were any other issues with this student at about fifteen seconds. In addition, I continued to ask questions in order truly understand the issues. I did wait for a response to each of my questions but a couple of times she interrupted me. Around one minute and forty-five seconds, I was asking a question but she interrupted me. As soon as she started talking, I stopped. For close ended questions, I said, “Does that help with the behavior at all?” and “So, it is just a constant battle?” She responded with, “Yes.” both times. Also,…show more content…
Score: 3 I believe I did a good job at asking both open and closed ended questions while not passing judgement. I did shake my head quite a bit which could be seen as an interference of personal behaviors but I believe it showed that I was paying attention to what the teacher was saying. Active Listening: I did ask many questions to understand the situation and what ideas the teacher had already implemented. This occurred around the thirty second mark. I really tried not to offer advice or suggestions but this teacher did not seem to be aware of various interventions. She had tried standing next to the student or talking with him in class but had not tried a moving his desk, talking to him in the hall or a contract. In addition, she did not understand what a behavior contract is and seemed to have limited experience with interventions in general. I should have gone into more depth explaining this intervention, why it is important while not being overly time consuming for her and how it really does work. Score: 2 - I offered the advice of a behavior contract. I should have worked more at allowing the teacher to create her own solutions instead of offering my own solution. Empathy: We did stay on topic and work on solving the student’s problem. The questions being asked and responses given were only about this particular issue being discussed. This teacher was not
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