Why I Volunteer At My School

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For this assignment, I volunteered at my former grade school: Holy Cross Elementary. I have attended that particular school for eight years of my life and have dedicated my life during that time. I felt it was right to go back and volunteer for our future generation, plus it is only a block away. During my volunteering, I was required to monitor the children, help them with homework, and open doors for parents. One child that I remember interacting with was a student that was there when I graduated. We didn’t reminisce on the good times because I am not allowed to have ‘inappropriate’ conversations but I did help her with a lot of her homework. I chose to volunteer at this organization because I have attended that particular school for eight years of my life and have dedicated my life to it during that time. I expected more than three things before I began volunteering, but I will only list three. I expected that the school would be much smaller than I remembered, everything would look the same, and all the children look even…show more content…
I think I already learned enough about myself including my classmates at that time. But, during those eight years I have learned so much from my classmates and my teachers. I have learned to have sympathy, be patient, listen, learn, teach, mentor and take responsibility. I have learned so much more but I would have to go in depth. Two things I learned about the children from the After-Care program was that they go through a lot pressure even in elementary school and even though their brains are still maturing, they have a lot of wise opinions. I learned a lot about my faith when I volunteered. I expanded and exposed my knowledge of the Christian faith. Since I attended a Co-Ed Christian elementary school, I went to the church next door, usually, right after my volunteering to
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