Why I Want A Career

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I was greeted with a passing frantic hello, handed a crisp white bag, and directed to the cash register. Staring at shelves full of drugs I had never seen before, the ding of the drive thru echoing, multiple phone lines ringing at once, and muffled conversations of customers in the lobby, I was surrounded by new experiences. Seconds after walking in I was fully submerged in the chaos of pharmacy. These incredibly stressful days are now what I live for. After attending Armstrong State University working towards a Bachelor’s of Health Care Administration for two years, I realized how unsatisfying it was. I want a career that was more focused in the science of medicine rather than in business administration. Simultaneously I had began working at a local independent pharmacy Quick Rx. After starting this job in January of 2014, I immediately began the pathway of pre-pharmacy leading into the Fall semester. I had finally found what I wanted to do, what excited me. Though the thought of what lays between this decision and obtaining a Doctorate of Pharmacy is truly daunting, I am ready for the challenge. Over the past year and a half I have had the privilege to work with pharmacists that are so passionate about their job. They take the time to counsel every patient as needed, make time to talk about life with patients, and for some individuals that is what matters the most. I have seen that their desire to help is at the forefront of everything they do. This desire and passion has

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