Why I Want A Master Degree

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In Saudi Arabia, the field of IT really began to explode when I was in high school, and I felt the excitement of being on the cutting edge of a new discipline. Therefore, when I headed to King Faisal University, I was eager to major in Computer Science, not just because I wanted a financially rewarding job, but because I wanted to be involved a new and expanding field. My undergraduate studies gave me extensive experience in subjects like compilers, operating systems, C-Programming, analysis and design of information, database design, Object Oriented Programming, and networking, and I graduated with an overall GPA of 3.52 out of 5.0. After graduation, I pursed my Master in the same field and I graduate from Frostburg State University with GPA 3.90 out of 4:00.
The Master degree gave me motivation to pursue my PhD in Information System. During my undergrad studies I had a one internship. During my internship, I was working in National Guard hospital as a developer using visual basic and Oracle to develop websites; I learned to convert end users ' needs into computer models by designing data flow and entity-relationship diagrams. I also worked with the database administrator responsible for managing the project, which required me to learn UNIX to write some commands in that language. In addition, I was able to expand my programming language skills by learning several languages such as Java, ASP.NET. The success of learning and converting the theoretical knowledge to practical…
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