Why I Want A Wife, By Judy Brady

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The Key to The Future of Women The sounds of clinking and clanking pots and pans dominates my house as the women fill the house with an enticing aroma of dinner, while the men in my house lounge on the sofas peering into the images that flash across the television screen. This episode of male tyranny is ubiquitous, and all families swear allegiance to the fact that males are the elite and women are the peasants. This is evident because wives are required to do all the housework in order to meet the standards their spouse has established for them. This aspect of a women’s life is further explored in the feministic essay, “Why I Want a Wife”, by Judy Brady. In particular, the author emphasizes and sheds light upon the truth that women, especially those that are married, have numerous responsibilities that they bear on their shoulders, which is unfair and unjustified. Men and women are differentiated right away. There has not ever been a day where I am seen equal to a man… I am always seen as inferior, either intentionally or unintentionally. Society attempts to persuade me into thinking that I am less than a man, and when I get married, I should cut off my prefrontal cortex and discard it, allowing him to make all the decisions for me. Media’s biased views, my grandma, and the rest of my family has instilled this stereotype in my life that I am going to eradicate in order to stop its viral spread. Media is a critical element in my life for both entertainment and
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