Why I Want A Wife Essay

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Dea Shpati
English Language and Literature
Christine Lytras
24 October 2017

This written task relates to Why I Want a Wife, the essay we read in Part 1, Topic 1, Language and Gender. This essay is a sarcastic essay by Judy Brady. My written task is a letter sent to Judy Brady, a feminist, a political activist and a freelance writer. In the task, my aim is to show Judy Brady the emancipation of women’s yet what hasn’t changed for them since when she wrote this essay in 1970.
The content of the letter is the status of women in our society now days all over the world. The message of this topic is feminism. I choose to do a letter because it allows me to write so much information and express my ideas directly to the author. Also,
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I am in an IB school in Albania. I’m studying English Language and Literature, Part 1, Topic 1: Language and Gender. In this topic, we are discussing how language shapes our way we think and also the feminism over the years. One of the things we researched was the essay “Why I Want a Wife”. I found it interesting how you treat the position of being a wife in a society that didn’t allow women to do much of anything in comparison to what they do today. When reading your essay it makes me feel like you want people to take action. You want women to be conscious about how people are treating them. And I think that you achieve the point. My goal in this letter is to show how this essay has affected our society, also how women have changed from the time you wrote the essay in 1970 till…show more content…
Child marriage is a marriage before age 18. It can be formal or informal. Both girls and boys are affected by this but unfortunately girls are the most affected. This leads to a risk of issues in pregnancy or childbirth. Forced pregnancy is forcing a woman or a girl to be pregnant, often this comes a part of forced marriage. Forced marriage can happen by bride kidnapping. Bride kidnapping is a process where the girl in kidnapped by the boy and she is forced to accept to marry the boy. These are serious problems but a lot for women has changed. Nowadays women have almost every right. They are allowed to do everything they want. But still, they are judged and not equal to the men. The mentality still rules because the way people perceive women is shaped by their language and context. Most of us take equality between men and women for granted. Some women take advantage of feminism and they want to be more than equal with men; they want to be superior like men once were. Even though in United States feminist has moved ahead, some countries are still struggling because the men are dominant in society and family. In Albania, this happens mostly in countrysides and in the north of Albania but there are associations which are working to improve women’s figure in our
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