Why I Want A Wife

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Writing is a form of art, and like a painting two people are able to look at the painting and give different interpretations of what they see, and the same is goes for writing. The author paints the reader a picture with words they use. some artist are better than others in the same way that some writers are better at expressing themselves than others. An example of an author that is able to paint a picture into the reader 's mind is Judy Brady in her writing“Why I Want a Wife”. She is able to captivate the reader into her writing by sparking an interest in what she has to say next. However, looking into her writing, the reader is easily able to see the flaws in her words. She over uses repetition, transitions points poorly, is over stereotypical, makes illogical claims, and is overly insensitive.
It is often said in order for a person to retain information they need to read the given information at least three times. In “Why I Want a Wife” Brady definitely wants the reader to remember her purpose, because she repeats the phrase “I want a wife” twenty-six times her short two page essay. “Too much repetition can create a ludicrous effect”(Grammar). From the Title the reader already knows that she wants a wife and does not need to be told another sixteen times. The purpose for repeating may have been for added emphasis, but this repetition was interpreted as more of poor word choice. She may have been more persuasive if she used different ways to express the same idea…

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