Why I Want Become A Pharmacist Essay

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The career that I am interested in pursuing is a Pharmacists. The number one reason I have decided to become a pharmacist is because I want to help and assist others. The satisfaction of me helping a patient get better quickly is the motivation that drives me. The second reason is the act of working with other health care professionals. Pharmacist have to communicate with other professionals as a team to avoid errors. Communication and connection is a major key in today’s society, in which I like with a passion. The big career dream began when my older cousin sister became the first in the family to graduate from college with a college degree. Her getting a well-paying job and taking care of my aunt and uncle led me to work hard and achieve pharmacy just like her. HCC will help me pursue my goals by helping me get high grades and achieve a high GPA. By me getting an Associates in Science I would then transfer to a big university like University of Houston to continue for higher education.

I personally enjoy physical work better than mental work. The first reason is because mental work can be very stressful, and can wear a person down from the increase of brain power. I do like routine because it gives a good balance and structure. With things being in structure, you would know what to expect since everything would be in a schedule as a daily thing. Having a routine would also exhibit efficiency since things would become normal and a natural part of life. Doing it
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