Why I Want For A Business Degree At Drexel University

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anything less than perfect. This could be a weakness for my perfection could cloud my judgment, however I will know my business will be up to standards. I plan to attend Drexel University in the fall of 2015 to gain a bachelor’s degree in business. I hope by having a degree my age will not be looked at when opening my business. By having a business degree I will know how to open my business, keep it running, and make it successful. With my connections to the printing industry I am always current on trends. Being a coordinator, my father needs to be dynamic and adapt to new trends. By having this connection there is no way I will be “left in the dust”. I am able to talk to others in the industry, read magazines, and research on the…show more content…
Being in this area, A4P will be very near to the Pennsylvania Turnpike, the busy 422 highway, and will only be a few miles outside of Philadelphia. Being in this area will allow A4P’s products to be easily sent to the customers all over the country or to other countries. The winters in Pennsylvania can tend to be abundant in snow, which could make some deliveries difficult. However, with access to Cargo City at the Philadelphia International Airport, we will be able to ensure products get on the plane to be shipped. Being located in a metropolitan area will be a true asset to A4P. The businesses will be able to make connections with local businesses which require the necessary products, creating brand loyalty. The people in the projected area care about quality and will pay for it. On average, the population of Chester County is 509,468. The median household income level is around $86,050. Chester County is known for its wealth and those populating it are willing to spend for quality. As of 2007, there were 11,338,422 in retail sales and 8,571,403 in merchant wholesaler sales. It is to be assumed that the numbers have neither fell or fluctuated greatly since that time. Since the area is so close to Philadelphia, most white collar jobs would be found in the city. Most people living in the suburbs commute to their jobs closer to the city. It can also be assumed for A4P that the business would be able to expand with the already
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