Why I Want For A Shop

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Upon leaving the house, driving to get some groceries for dinner. With the windows down, feeling the wind as it brushes against my hair, I am excessively excited because our family is about to sit down and have a special night together. It is great to live only a mile from the local stores. Listening to some good ole gospel music. As I looked down to check my gauges in my car, I noticed the gas hand was sitting on empty. With confidence, knowing the gas station is only a few blocks away, I pulled next to one of the pumps. It is amazing how much confidence that we have when we know we have money in the bank. We can walk into the store and buy whatever we want or need. As I approached the store clerk, I explained, “I need $20 in gas please.”…show more content…
My wife responded to me, “Daniel, the bank shows that we are in the negative two hundred dollars. What did you buy?” I was dumbfounded. I explained to her, “I have not purchased anything, it has got to be a mistake. I will be home in a few minutes so we can figure this out.” As I drove back home, hoping I would make it with the gas that I had, I pondered in my mind. What has happened to all the money that was in our checking account? Just two days ago, I had received my paycheck from my job. And I had not spent any money since. I was so confused. Walking into the house, my wife is upset, knowing that we had bills that needed to be paid. Plus we were expecting to get some groceries for the week. This had put a damper on everything. I did not know what I was going to do. On top of things, it was the weekend and the bank was closed until Monday morning. As I sat down at the computer to look at all the transactions, I noticed there were some from Canada. Then there were others from the upper states of the USA. My wife and I looked at each other and asked the same thing. Did you buy something from them? Neither of us had purchased anything from these companies that were showing up in our bank account. Someone had been using our information and took hundreds of dollars from us. Not counting the bank overdrawn fees. This real
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