Why I Want For An Emt

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One day a couple years ago I was at daycare playing with my friends and it was a normal day. My mom soon called and said that my grandparents had been in a tragic car crash. Their car was totaled and my grandparents were not in good condition. They were soon rushed to the hospital and taken care of. They are doing fine today and still have their up-beat, friendly attitude. If not for those EMTs that were on the scene, sad to say, they probably wouldn’t be here today. I chose this topic because I want to help other become healthy again and to be around for there family. This paper will talk about why I wanted to do this job, other names for an EMT, summary of what an EMT does, the kinds of EMTs and what their specific job is, the qualifications, education path, salary, job findings, jobs related to an EMT, benefits, and if I still consider being an EMT. I chose to consider being an EMT when I get older, because I want to help people fell better and rescue people to that they can still be with their families. This job is basically a real super hero; because I always hear the saying all superheroes don’t wear capes. I do think that EMTs are superheroes, because they are always saving lives and that’s basically what superheroes in comic books do all day long. There are a couple of names for this “superhero”. Most of the time they are called an EMT, which is short for an Emergency Medical Technician. They can also be considered a paramedic. There are

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