Why I Want For My Live Negotiation Paper

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When it comes to conflicts and negotiations I have always been the type of person to avoid them. The reasons I avoided them was because I did not know how to handle these situations properly. When it came to conflicts or negotiations, I would have no medium. Either I would be calm during those conflicts or I would get really mad. Those two options were not good for me or good for the people I was trying to resolve conflicts with. After taking this course I learned that I have the avoiding style in the TKI assessment. This assessment has helped me with strategies I could use in the avoiding style, and has also taught me how to use different strategies from various different styles. For my live negotiation paper I choose to negotiate a topic with my boyfriend that is very true and dear to my heart. He is a lawyer and it is really hard to negotiate with him. We have had various conversations about having a baby. However, we continue to argue about whether I should lose twenty pounds or not. I have tried to express different reasons as to why I shouldn’t have to lose the weight, but my ideas and concerns got pushed aside all the time. I would eventually go into my avoiding style and just stop talking or give up on the topic. I’d get angry because I felt like I wasn’t being heard. I had even tried some tactics in the competing style, although I had not known what that was until I took this course, but in the end I think that I was using them wrong. The conflict that I have is

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