Why I Want For Success Program

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I would like to participate in the Bridges to Success program because it would help me college ready in the Fall. I would like to have an early start so that I can get a better feel of how college is and get accustomed to it. By starting early I would not have a hard move from high school to college and I could have a more steady pace. I would also like to have the advantage to be in smaller classes so that I would be able to know my teachers better and have more time to ask them for help without having to worry that they have more students to worry about. By being in the program I would feel like I have less pressure and when the school year would begin I would have less classes to do and have more advantages in doing other activities that would help benefit me. I would also be able to remember everything from high school which would help me benefit because I would have no worries in going after summer and not remembering everything. I would also be able to have smaller classes so it would benefit me in finding different tactics that would help me become successful. I am looking forward to having an opportunity to be in this program and would really enjoy going to orientation.
A personal challenge that I was able to overcome was when my parents got the news that they were going to be deported. I remember I had barely started my high school education and I had been going through my own problems of getting accustomed to school and getting my grades up. It all happened when I
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