Why I Want Pursue A Career

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The college major that I hope to pursue is pharmacy. There are many reasons as to why I want to pursue a career in pharmacy. For one, I have three cousins who has a career in the medical field and are very successful right now. Another reason is because of my aunt and uncle. They have made me realize that being either a doctor or pharmacist is a very good career to pursue because I can be a role model to their kids and that would want them to pursue a similar career. Basically I’ve been convinced to go for a career in the medical field throughout my whole life. I’m also in medical classes at school, so I already have plentiful knowledge of medical careers and I would be at a disadvantage if I do decide to my career path. In the future I hope to go to Texas A&M. I’ve visited the campus many times and I’ve been on campus tours learning about the history and traditions of the school. I feel like it would be a good fit for me and many people also tell me it’s a good fit for me as well. Pharmacy is the science and technique of preparing and dispensing drugs. It is a health profession that links health sciences with chemical sciences to ensure the safe and effective use of pharmaceutical drugs. This profession is also known as druggists as their primary means is to distribute drugs directly or indirectly. There are many required classes that one must take to becoming a pharmacists. Becoming a pharmacist requires years of training and education to have the knowledge and skills
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