Why I Want To Be A Firefighter

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Extinguishing Flames and Putting Goo On People When I was young I always wanted to be a firefighter like most kids. I would put on on my dad's retired fire helmet and run around the house screaming sounds of sirens. I saw my dad leave to go on calls for my local fire department which I now volunteer at. Most kids don’t keep their childhood dream jobs, but i still want to be a firefighter like when I was young. My window on choosing a career is soon closing. I will be pushed into the world soon and the choice between a diagnostic medical sonographer and a paid firefighter is tough. Although a diagnostic medical sonographer and a paid firefighter are similar in skills, they differ in pay and the education needed. When it comes to a digital medical sonographer and a paid firefighter, there are a few…show more content…
According to the U. S. Department of Labor, a DMS needs at least 4 years of college education, a bachelor's degree, and for the people already in the medical field that are interested in this job some universities offer a 1 year certification. A DMS works with a lot of technology that takes training to learn about. ("Diagnostic Medical Sonographers”). On the other hand, a paid firefighter can apply for a job right out of high school because there is no courses offered in colleges to teach the certification needed. But an extra certification such as an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) and volunteering at the local volunteer fire department will be helpful when applying to be a paid firefighter. (United States, "Firefighters”).There are also multiple fire academies across the United States but are very tough to get into, but this not needed for being hired but will help majorly (“Baltimore County Government”). After you are hired, the training needed will be provided. At most departments you will have to go through many interviews and pass many tests (United States,
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