Why I Want To Be A Gynecist

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Growing up I never thought I would stand in a situation like this begging for money. I’ve always thrived for big aspirations from wanting to be a detective to a Forensic Anthropologist to a Neonatal nurse and finally to a gynecologist. For me to pursue my aspirations, going to college is such a necessity for me. There are three reasons why I am applying for this scholarship: money, ambitions, and to prove myself. First, let me justify why my desires for college are so big. My father was raised in Mexico, a known poor country. He had to quit high school to help provide for his family, something he constantly reminds my sister and me of when we grumble about school. He works so many hours to make sure we have a good private school education and everything we need. In the few past months, I…show more content…
I desire to be a gynecologist, not many people in this world just want to be a that. My beliefs contribute a portion to my career pursuit. I am a firm believer in abortion being murder. Abortion in every way is wrong and there is no excuse for it. I believe there is always a better choice than choosing to end a precious life. My plan to is to own a Catholic practice and decrease the numbers of abortions.
Above all, I need to go to college to prove myself. My extended family is full of business people that live their lives going through the motions not really wanting to make a difference. I refuse to live my life in that manner. They assume I will trail in their footsteps and do something involved in business. When I express to them my aspirations, I always get the sarcastic “okay” or “good luck.” No one believes that I can be someone bigger and for that reason, I have to prove to them, I am more than the average person. I haven’t expressed myself enough and it’s time for me to grow out of my
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