Why I Want To Be A Medical Malpractice

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At a certain point in everyone’s life, a question must be asked: what is my purpose? I found my purpose after experiencing the dark realities of medical malpractice inflicted within the African American community. My mother has been a victim of malpractice. She almost lost her third daughter as a consequence of negligent medical care. This affected my mother’s mental health, causing her to be skeptical of medical assistance. After this terrible incident, her problems did not end there. She was injected with the wrong fluids in her knee. Consequently, she was not able to walk properly for two months. I have come to the realization that there are needs in the black community that are not being attended to. I believe it is my purpose to reestablish trust between the black community and Doctors. To achieve this objective, I seek a career in medicine as a Primary Family Physician.…show more content…
In high school, I failed Chemistry and Physics, two fundamental classes required for Medical school. Likewise, I received SAT scores, below average. My preceding experiences with science classes, caused me to work extremely hard at Howard University maintaining a 3.5+ GPA. Furthermore, it has provoked me to look for avenues of research. I am a firm believer that research is a mechanism that can build character while strengthening one’s academic abilities. Next semester, I intend to research at Montague Cobb Research Laboratory, where it will be my ultimate goal to discern how STDs affect the bone marrow of African Americans historically. Although I have made noticeable changes academically, I know my improvements cannot stop here. I would like to face more challenges while being in the midst of passion driven students and faculty
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