Why I Want To Be A Member Of Sga Application Essay

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Growing up as a little girl in Selma Alabama I always dreamed about what I want to do when I finish school. My mother always told me that I would be a babysitter, because I like to take care of kids. On the other hand, I thought that I wanted to be a teacher However, being a student for twelve long years I noticed how children behaved in school. In my mind, I knew that wasn’t the future job for me. When I was in the third grade, my grandmother had a stroke. Since she had gotten sick, I had to take care of her .This is what persuaded me to become a Registered Nurse. Although I am very lazy, I knew that I had to put effort into all of my high school years. Also, I knew that I had to maintain a great G.P.A. Another effort that I knew what I had to make was to get into extracurricular activities. In order for me to accomplish these goals I knew that I had to…show more content…
Being a student at Selma High School, I continued to stay out of trouble and remain focused. Also, I decided to become a member of SGA (Student Government Association).Being a member of SGA I knew that this would be an opportunity for me to stay out of trouble and focus on my schoolwork. As I continued being a member of SGA, I enjoyed helping others and putting my ideas in activities. Another thing that I did while being in SGA, was that I ran for secretary. The secretary makes sure that everyone is on time and in order.
In conclusion, as a smart, responsible, and courageous woman I would love to attend UAB. However, I know that it will take a lot of hard work to become a registered Nurse. Being a part of your college would give me the opportunity to help others in the future. On the other hand, I know there may be some obstacles but I am willing to overcome them. Also, I know that it will take hard work and patience and hard work to become a Registered Nurse. Remaining focused throughout the years I am willing to do whatever it takes to
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