Why I Want To Be A Police Officer

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During one of the first days in class every cadet was asked why they were at the academy and why they wanted to be a police officer. My initial response to that question was that I wanted to help others. However, I would like to make clear what I meant by this, and point out that even though helping others remains being the primary objective, it is not the exclusive reason for wanting to be a police officer. Helping others remains being my primary reason, followed by the desire to have a divers career and by the benefits that are associated with being a police officer.
Helping Others
Police work is really unique in the fact that police officers help people every day, even when the officer or the public doesn’t realize that this is happening. This can be achieved in a variety of ways including prevention of victimization, or even helping criminals make better choices.
Saving victims
Every interaction with the public, every ticket/citation given, every response to a domestic violence call can potentially save a life. Helping others does not necessarily mean pulling someone out of a burning building/vehicle, or taking a bullet to save another. Even though many police officers do help
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However, the salary of a police officer is not entirely bad; police officers make a decent living. In addition, there are other benefits that make police work even more attractive. 25 year retirement plans, promotion opportunities, health benefits, and even tuition assistance; and these are only the tangible benefits of being a police officer. In addition, and in my opinion one of the best attributes of the job is the satisfaction of doing something that you know makes a difference in peoples’ lives. As mentions in the introduction, helping people remains my primary objective; and the satisfaction of doing so is the best compensation that comes from police
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