Why I Want To Be A Social Work Job Essay

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Social work major

Social work is a unique profession for those with a strong desire helping people to improve their lives. People who decide to do this type of job they need to be strong enough to cope with the family’s problems and they should be steadfast to find a solution to help others in the process of making their lives better. Many different professions by their action can help people, but the social work job is on the top the most attractive to me where I can use my skills acquired in college and use knowledge from my experience to help others in need.
From an early age, I have been always considered by helping others. I come from large family with many siblings so I have been always as a person who take care
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During last two years, I took a lot of different classes associate with sociology and psychology of human behavior. Despite theoretical knowledge I also got some experience in practice in the place called Bergen County Board of Social Service where I had an opportunity to be an intern. In place like this people can get a information about general assistance, medical insurance or foods stamps. All of those things would help people to provide a basic needs. This county agency is obliged to improve, protect a health , welfare, and self-sufficiency of all county residents. During my internship I was able to know how works system in that place in different fields. Moreover, with working with employee’s agency I learned new things such as, talking with a client professional during interview, operate system belong to the agency, and using client’s information in different cases. Also as a bilingual person, I could use my polish language and being a translator for international costumer who do not know English very well. This experience strengthened my conviction that working for social service is my future job. Before I started my internship I was not aware how significant the social work profession is. Today I know that this type of job has a strong power of changing people lives.
Several life’s experience have contributed my attraction to the profession of social
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