Why I Want To Be A Society Of Trout Persuasive Essay

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I would like to participate in the Society of Fellows because I am a lover of philosophy and it seems as if the Society of Fellows mix topics that intrigue me into one program, which is a great fit for me. The Society of Fellows examines the American Constitution, the same way my Constitutional Rights class discusses it, it asks more of people than to just know what the American Constitution says, but also asks what it means, and how that meaning of particular words has changed over time. This is the reason I am ecstatic about the program, being able to be a part of a program that looks at the Constitution in ways many do not try to. Also, to be able to belong to a program that does this a wonderful experience to have. Society of Fellows dissects the Constitution, and this is something I have always wanted to do with a group of individuals who has the same excitement level as I do while doing it. These are the reasons I would like to participate in the Society of Fellows.
I expect to contribute my knowledge in discussions and my different view points on certain topics and issues to the fellowship class of 2016-2017. Society of Fellows seems to put and emphasis on in-depth exploration and philosophy. Being a philosophy minor and taking a few classes to do with philosophy within political
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I can contribute my questions and explorations of the philosophical debates on the American Constitution and the historical development of the Constitution, or whatever theme is given to the Journal on Constitutional Democracy. The theme of this year’s journal is, “American rhetoric: then & now”. I would be able to contribute my thoughts of these topics. Since I am such a lover of philosophy, I can compare philosophers who speak on our government then and now (or on government in general). I would be able to explain why something happens from my perspective of
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