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Have you ever seen someone with a tattoo and wonder if you had what it takes to be a tattoo artist? Do you want to be a tattoo artist, but don't know how to start? It's a fairly simple process, but it takes a good amount of time, so don't quit your current job just yet! Tattooing isn't a trade you can jump right into. It requires many years of training and apprenticeship before any tattoo shop would even think about allowing you to tattoo someone. If you are interested in the art of tattooing, and serious about pursuing it as a career, you should begin preparing immediately. It's a long road to travel!

First, you want to draw constantly. Start as soon as possible! Start a portfolio of your work. Think about enrolling yourself into an art
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Most tattoo shops will take you in as an apprentice for anywhere between 600 dollars and 1000 dollars. It's not cheap to teach you how to tattoo. Some places might even do it free, as long as you can show them you can draw. This is where that portfolio comes in! As an apprentice, you will start out doing piercings if the shop offers the service. As you make your pay checks piercing, you will be taught how to use a tattoo machine on thin rubber. It imitates skin, and you will be able to practice, practice, practice! It is key in this trade.

Now here is where you make your first steps into the tattooing world as a tattoo artist. When the shop owner believes you can be trusted with human flesh, he will have you do what is called a "Duo tattoo." You will outline the tattoo, and the artist will do shading and coloring. Then when you can be trusted with outlines, the artist will outline, and you will begin shading and coloring. Once you show you can be trusted with both of these tasks, you will do your first solo tattoo. Don't mess this up.

Remember your training, and you will be fine. After this you are an official tattoo artist. Once you finish these tasks, you can brag to all your friends how you have your dream job. Also, tattooing is a trade that isn't affected much by the economy, because ink is fairly cheap as it is, so business will always be available. Good luck, and remember to have fun with it.

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