Why I Want To Be A Veteran Essay

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I have always had the upmost respect for veterans and thought very highly of them. Ever since I was a boy it has been my dream to become a soldier. My uncle was a veteran and I heard many stories about Vietnam and it just made me want to become a soldier. My uncle was in the Marine Corps and every time he told me a story it made me want to join. Now at the age of seventeen years old I am ready to enlist into the Marines. It is a big leap in my life that I would never have the opportunity to take if it wasn’t for one life changing moment of my life. “It’s going to be fine,” that's all I hear from the lady sitting next to me as I am crying and looking out the window as the house I was first brought home to grows smaller and smaller. I turned around and cried not knowing what was going on and why I was being taken from my home. The lady next to me began to comfort me and held me close while I cried. I didn’t know her or the other people that were with her and I was scared. I had no idea where we were going and I had no idea where my brothers or sister were. We drove for about half an hour and then we pulled into a big parking lot and stopped. We all got out and they led me into a large building that smelled like winterfresh air fresheners. The sound of crying and laughing filled the air while kids and…show more content…
She got up and left to go to their room. Chuck looked at me with a look that I had never seen before. “You’re a worthless kid Bradley, you will never get adopted.” I looked up at him and said, “I will get adopted and I hate you.” Chuck jumped up and grabbed me by the ear and got in my face and screamed how worthless I was and I should have never of been born in the first place. I cried and cried as he began to hit me, I felt the sting from his hand as he hit my cheeks that were wet from my tears. He let go of me and left the room, I layed in that same spot for hours not wanting to move because I was afraid to make him mad
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