Why I Want To Be In High School

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Students go to school for 13 years of their life and thinking about what it's going to be like in the “real world.” Most kids want to go to college to study for a particular degree for their real life or want to go for the joy in it but what most kids need is a break. Kids are required to be in high school for specific amount of time each day and every day of the week so by providing time off before college it can give students financial benefits, time benefits and choice benefits.

By allowing students to wait before they go to college could be a bonus in the long run because during this time a student could get a job and work to put money towards the college fees. Financially students could save for college expenses and save for future expenses like a house or a car.Students would better finances and won't be as stressed when going into debt because they would have already had some of it worked off.

In high school students are told to find what they want to do and pursue that career or interest they have, but ultimately they are still undecided by the freedom of choice and not being told what. So by waiting a year they may discover a job that they had no idea that it existed and may end up going in a completely different direction then what they thought they were
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Students have some classes that come more easily to them so that would be considered the straight aways and some other classes are barely passing because the turn wasn't taken with the right knowledge about it. The only thing that students think about now is that they have one more lap or one more day then they try to get through it as fast as they can without thinking whats next. What happens when they wake a relize that they haven't done anything to expand their knowledge so by allowing time after high school they can get themselves and their thoughts organized so that when they attend college it will a thing to take in or soak up to
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