Why I Want To Be Significant

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I always wanted to be significant. I thought that my importance was what measured my worth. I burdened myself with the expectation of a legacy that would not be forgotten. Although I never dreamed of leading a nation or being the pinnacle of a movement, I new that I wanted to mean something. But what if, against all odds, significance does not matter? The longest night of my life empowered me with the knowledge of my insignificance. One year ago, I embarked on a week long expedition in the Mojave Desert of California. On the third day of the trip I decided to spend the night completely alone. As the sky burned with vibrant orange of the setting sun, I left my group with optimism and the prospect of adventure. The landscape was stark and unforgiving and without light my progress was slow. The further I went, the less I recognized but my stubborn resolve outweighed by intuition to turn back. As the sky continued to darken, the temperature dropped. The terrain only grew more challenging and my confidence completely vanished. I was lost.…show more content…
My determination to accomplish some great endeavor was undermined by my reality. I was overcome by frustration and an overwhelming feeling of defeat. I found myself staring up at the stars. The ranging thoughts in my head ceased. I breathed in the cold air as an almost tangible silence settled around me. In that moment, I knew I was going to be ok. I climbed into my sleeping bag and watched the vast desert sky. I lay awake as the night faded and I found myself immersed in stark
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