Why I Want To Be Staff

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IRL Name: Hunter Skype name: spikedguardianii IGN (Minecraft username): PvPLegend627 Age: 13 What rank are you applying for? Mod and Builder?: Moderator Why do you want to be staff?: I want to be staff for 2 reasons: 1. I know the owner of this server and I know how much work he put into this server to make it great and I want to help him do this as well. 2. I can help, not only with inside the server, but also the outside. I am able to donate, advertise, and make YouTube videos. Why do you think you might fit this position?: I am very loyal to staff members and servers in whole. I never go back on promises or abuse in any way. I also fit this position well because I know how to run a server and fit in with the rest of the staff. I have had a total of 2 servers and a total of 12 staff positions since I started…show more content…
I can be on alot on weekends, but maybe only 3-4 hours on weekdays due to school and homework. What would you do if: - Someone tells you he was griefed: I honestly don't really know how to handle this due to the fact that if the griefer left after the incident happened, there would be no way of knowing. I would just tell the victim to calm down and let staff handle it. - Someone is asking for items: I would warn the player not to ask for items. Then if it goes on, 10 minute mute. If the player keeps on doing it, tempban for 1 hour. - Someone is asking for a staff rank or OP: If someone is asking for staff, I would tell that someone to apply on the forums. If the player is asking for OP, I will warn them. If it happens again, instant tempban for 24 hours. - Someone tells you he saw somebody hacking: I would do one of two things: 1. Ban permanently 2. Inform another staff member of it and let them take care of it. - Someone is spamming/advertising/harassing in chat: I would warn, then mute for 10 minutes if it happens again. After that, 2 hour tempban (If it is spamming or harassing). If it is advertising, instant
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