Why I Want To Become A Travel Nurse

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My future starts with going to college and earning a degree in nursing. More specifically, i will earn a BSN (bachelors in science of nursing). I plan on attending University of Charleston in the fall. After spending about four years earning this degree i plan to join a traveling company and become a traveling nurse. I plan to only stay in North America when i travel. By becoming a travel nurse, i gain many benefits that most nurses don't get. My goal with this is to work a minimum of five years to gain and save enough money to support and pay for going back to college to gain either a master's or a doctorates degree. When i go back, i plan to specialize in neonatal nursing and eventually work up to becoming a neonatal nurse practitioner or a neonatal doctor. After earning that degree i will go back and continue traveling. Now my goals for accomplishing these future plans are fairly simple: study hard,…show more content…
I have always wanted to work with small children in the medical field. After doing research on nursing specialties i found the neonatal. Neonatal nurses work with babies that are born either too early(premature) and/ or are suffering from a life threatening situations such as drug addiction or born with aids. This would be a very tedious job because these babies are most of the time very tiny and the equipment you work with is tiny and if you're not careful you can instantly kill them or seriously injure them. One reason i drew interest in this field was because i have had family members who were born with something wrong or were premature. One of them was actually my brother. He was born with low blood sugar and digestive problems. If it wasn't for the nurses and the doctors my baby brother wouldn't have grown up as healthy as he did. I plan to after earning one of those degrees go back to traveling until i no longer
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