Why I Want To Become An Athletic Trainer

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I would like to pursue my career after high school to become an Athletic Trainer. The reason I want to become a trainer is to stay near the sports field because I wanted to be a professional athlete but I noticed that wasn’t going to work because I never had the time to stay in sports. I love playing and watching sports, I prefer helping with basketball players and track and field athletes but wherever I can pursue the career , I’m fine with it.
Mark Gibson is a well known trainer. He is an Athletic Trainer for the United States and Overseas. He has taught internationally and has been involved in association leadership. Mark has also served as a site visitor for athletic training educational program accreditation services, and a certification examiner for
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The percent for women working in the athletic training field is 2.6 percent, You would are more women in athletic training in high schools and the college level. To be qualified for this type of work you will need to be a licensed physician, diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries, work with a wide range of patients and to work with other medical staff. To be an Athletic Trainer of course you need to keep yourself healthy and in shape, Not saying you have to train like an athlete but most likely keep up with one. Your personality has to be amazing and well enough for you to interact with the patients or athletes and be a great trainer to them. Athletic trainers are healthcare professionals who deals with sport and physical activity in relation to injuries. Athletic Trainers would need to know a lot about a range of medical problems and Quick thinking to know whether the injury is a small or big injury. The trainers work with athletes to make sure they have a clear mind and not be stressed because of the situation they’re in, they should also take notes on how many patients they’ve bought
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