Why I Want To Go To Chinese Immigration Essay

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I’m an American born Chinese woman who loves an adventure. Exploring new places and learning about my heritage is the reason why I want to go to China, since I’ve never traveled there. Being the first generation in my family born in the United States, it seems like everyone in my family went to China except me. I’ve been exposed to the Chinese culture when I lived in Brooklyn, but lost it after my grandmother passed away. In Brooklyn, I lived in a predominantly Chinese neighborhood, but at age 5 I moved to New Jersey, to a town where there were no Chinese families. After years of reconnecting with Asian families in New Jersey, this sparked my interest in traveling to China.

For a family vacation, my father wanted to go to China, unfortunately it never happened due to his work schedules. Instead, on numerous family vacations, we rented a beach house for a week in Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania spending time with each
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I was a lost and lonely freshman, swimming in the vast open sea without a sense of direction(or is compass the better fit here? Sense of direction is perfect!). There, I joined the Asian Student Association and later became the president of the club during my sophomore year.The previous president, Anne, needed a community service event for a club requirement. I participated in many community service events such as the Huaxia Chinese School organization and beach cleanups by the Middlesex Recreational organization, so I gave her the contact information for the beach cleanups. From then on, our club participated in Beach Cleanups every semester until I graduated from Middlesex. In my college transitions, I met many international students from China, whom later interested me in studying abroad. They spoke little English, but within a year, I was amazed they spoke fluent English. To this day I’m still friends with them as they teach me more about the Chinese
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